Monday, September 24, 2007


If you visit CeElle you'll clearly see how influential she's been in my experimentation with color play in the beloved Ballband dishcloth. Here I combined several shades of pinks, solids, ombre, twists and white, with a red background, just to see what I'd get. I think the outcome is very pleasing to the eye and reminds me of a strawberry shortcake colorway, don't you think, Gentle Reader?

Alas! With summer officially over I must move on to knitting with Autumnal colors if I am to continue my ballband obsession!

O.K., so technically I am finished!

Behold! The final Aran Afghan square for our Church knitting project! All that is needed is the row of single crochet around the edges. I'm sworn off of Bobbles for now! I did like doing the cable stitches sans cable needles, though. Next, the squares, twenty of them, will be sewn together and then finished with some kind of edge. Will keep you all apprised of its' progress!

Some squares for The Ghana Project....
Thanks to Gert...

Jane and Winnie, for these squares, which will be sent off to be combined with others to make blankets for hospital patients in Ghana. As a nurse, I am appalled that there exists in this world places where human beings are without the basics needs to their comfort and survival. When we have Ipods, Space Stations, and cell phones that provide us with such amazing features to entertain and streamline our lives, while others must rely on the altruistic hand knitting of others, well, you can see how ob surd it is, yes?

Please consider knitting a 7 x7 inch square for the Ghana Project.

I am now stepping down from my soap box.....

To take a moment to thank my most kind Knitting Benefactor, SP 11!

A big package arrived last week and it's contents were wrapped in pretty pink paper with ribbon..

How did she know I had browsed through this book several times a Barnsie???
There's some good knitting stuff in here, folks!

I adore lady bugs! Too pretty to unwrap, but I couldn't resist!

I love the embellishments! Creative juices are already flowing....

Everything was all tied up in pretty little packages......

Buttons from her Grammy's Button Box, circa 1950's. How totally sweet and generous to share these with me!
A lovely towel! Mike wouldn't let it be hung on the fridge. "It'll get dirty and it's too nice"!
I love knitting tools and doodads that make my knitting life easier!
WOW! What a neat package! Thanks Secret Pal 11!

Or, as Shaun's homemade sock puppet for Spanish class says...
"Muchas Gracias, Mi Amiga Secreta"!


hakucho said...

Your strawberry shortcake ballband looks good enough to eat ;) I just love it!!!

Karin said...

Love your ballband cloth. I'm going to have to try out that pattern.


DawnK said...

The strawberry shortcake ballband is cute! It almost looks tasty! LOL! Those are cute squares for your afghan! Looks like you got a nice package in the mail!

Tea said...

Muy bien, Senora B! (pretend there's a doo-dally over the n, ok?) The first picture in this post is just beautiful, again muy bien. I just adore the colors of your ballband cloth. Very hip indeed. Okay, now I have to knit one using different colors.

Thanks for sharing pics of your booty from sp11...very nifty buttons, and the book looks especially interesting.