Tuesday, July 17, 2007


One of the best things about summertime is sitting on my back porch, and knitting away on one of the many UFOs while my son and his friends THWACK each other in the pool with those foam noodles! Sword fight! Marco. Polo.
Right now the garden is coming alive with green tomatos and I saw a few tiny peppers and eggplant the other day newly sprouted! We've already enjoyed a few dishes with our Swiss chard and Collard/Mustard Greens. managed to grab a few raspberries from the bushes before the birds knew they were ripe! So many things about the summer that are worth looking forward to! Feel free to send me your recipes for Swiss Chard and Collards! That's definitely something to look forward to!

Knitting every day is something I look forward to and has kept me very busy over the years.
Reflecting about my knitting projects and the people to which I am knitting committed.....Finished the Turtle Check Square for the Knitting Ministry's Afghan Raffle and enjoyed the rhythem of the cable pattern. Once started it was very easy to knit without constantly referring to the pattern. I thought to myself "so this is what comes to you after many years of knitting! A "oneness" with the Cable Stitch"!

The final square is called Hourglass Cable and Bobbles. Upon casting on and knitting the first row I learned that this is going to be a not so easy and mindless knit as every row seems to be very different! I am taking a little break from this for a few days...All those Bobbles again!
I am sooooo looking forward to havng this final square completed so we can see all 20 squares side by side and begin the joining process.

I'm looking forward to completing this latest Ballband, and perhaps sending it to my Exchange Pal, whoever she may be, for this quarter's Monthly Dishcloth Exchange. Is it worthy? Will the colors be right for her? I also signed up for Secret Pal 11 and am eagerly waiting to learn the identity of who I will spoil over the next 3 months!
Looking forward to starting this Ballband for the Dog Days Of Summer Discloth TODAY because I adore the combination of blues and browns and since the Pal I was assigned doesn't seem picky about colors, will knit one for us both. Hope she likes it! Getting that goody box ready to ship!

Looking forward to teaching a sock knitting class at Kraemers Yarn Shoppe once if I can ever adjust my schedule. These are the samples that I am working on, actually 3 hours worth of knitting. I 'm so in love with the Magic Loop method of knitting socks and have no intention of every going back to knitting just one sock at a time! Does this make me a Sock Snob?
Looking forward to teaching a knitting class on Monday nights starting this fall at my local community college. I enjoyed developing the course outline and really want this to be a fun experience for the students. I also teach at Michael's, AND work perdium as an RN at a hospital, so I struggle at times to keep it all in balance!

This just arrived and I've been looking forward to knitting this hat pattern for some time now. I'm not really a hat person but I love the idea of knitting a One Hour Hat! Size 35 needles. Thanks Pretending Sanity for this great pattern! Thinking it will look nice with my black pea coat.

Looking forward to a terrific week and wishing the same for YOU!


Amanda said...

Goodness! You stay so busy. How in the world do you keep up with everything? (By the way, I think your pal will be lucky to have that dishcloth!)

ponyknit said...

Just saying hello!

I found your blog from the monthly dishcloth yahoo group. I also love Earl and The Office! I also grew up with Collies (my parents still have two, one rough and one smooth) I'm also a fellow New Englander (MA)
I just posted my FO washcloths. Maybe I'll post on monthly discloths also. See you on SP11 also. What a small world!

Ruthanne said...

found your blog via Yarnstorm (a comment you made) - love looking at all you accomplish. . . I also knit socks with magic loop and love it, although I'm not as prolific as you seem to be - do you just do two together on the same needle? I've heard of that but not seen it done - could you fill me in at rmcphaatgmaildotcom or on your terrific blog?

Katie J said...

So many wonderful things to comment on as usual!

I love that turtle check square! I still haven't tried my hand at a Ballband, but aren't you inspiring? I really do need to try the Magic Loop.

I love teaching knitting! So glad you get to do it too. I bet you're a great teacher.

Love Rowan and that hat looks great when it's done.

Lacey said...

Mrs. B, just type Wikipedia into a search browser (I use Google) and then when you get to the front page of Wiki (it usually is just a little search box and a load of graphics about language) type in your birth day and month and away you go! It's fun to see what comes up from a search like that. :D

And can we say overstretched?! You are so busy that it made me tired to read that list of job titles you have. Don't you also wear the mom hat and such? :P

Katie J said...

I found a recipe for swiss chard on Buttercup's blog from epicurious.com. Here's the link: http://buttercupinchina.blogspot.com/2007/07/chard-worthy.html

It looks wonderful.

hakucho said...

Gee, you've been busy while I was away! Your squares are awesome and I look forward to seeing it put together. That's wonderful about your new knitting class. Must feel good passing on your knitting knowledge. I never get tired of seeing ballbands. Yours looks great!

happy knitting :)

wzgirl said...

Knitting Therapy - I am very intrigued! What a cool thing to do with your time. Thanks for visiting my blog - I see that you are friends with KatieJMama! I've just put the needles back into circulation & completed a UFO that's been waiting. It will soon be on the blog...a throw pillow awaiting a cover.

Hope that you liked the chard recipe as much as I did!

Tea said...

As always, Mrs. B. keeps her knitting public in awe with clever and interesting posts. Thank you so much for sharing your knittingly wonderful projects with us. :) Btw, I'm looking for a house with a pool for you here so you can move South and teach knitting classes near me!

DawnK said...

I love all of your ballbands. I just recently knit my first one and I'm already doing another one, in the same colors as the first, but opposite! I don't think the ladies at our LYS have ever seen ballbands before. They were admiring the one I made, the one I'm making and the one that Emily made! (My 15yo daughter)

You have been so busy. We missed all the HP festivities, because we were on vacation that weekend. My kids had to wait until Tuesday, to buy the book and the bookstore was just normal, then! That was nice of you to sit in the heat, with your son, to get the special bracelet, for the evening's festivities.

carole said...

Loving the squares... hey are you teaching at NCACC??? Monday nights??? (the only night DH is home... hehehe) whatcha teaching about knitting?

Steph said...

Love your blog! Could you tell me where I might find the pattern to the turtle check square? Thanks! Keep up the great work and adventures in knitting.