Tuesday, January 03, 2006


..........AND THIS TOO!

And yet, I continue to let the poor darlings lanquish in the Closet of Neglected Projects.

Which one should I start knitting?

It has been a very busy holiday for me, and I'm afraid I have taken many a knitting detour since my last posting early in December.

After knitting several scarves, bookmarkers, G.I. Joe clothing, Church bazaar items, dying yarn, and class samples for my new adventure as a knitting instructor at my local Michaels, its time to knit for ME!

I have fallen in love with those cute corkscrew/ruffled scarves I've been seeing online and in several new books. I completed one in about 8 hours knitted in Crystal Palace Kid Merino and finished with less than a quarter skein of Fizz Stardust. At the end I was binding off 800 stitches! Still, it was a labor of love, as I love the look of the 2 yarns! Pictures to follow sooner or later.... see, another knitting detour!

Need to do a Knitter's To Do list!

Don't you just love New Years Resolutions!!!

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Pooch said...

Hi! I clicked in to your site from your signature line in an email to the AK list. Love the name of your blog and really enjoyed reading your entries. The ghan that you are considering as a project is glorious! Very rich colors and shading!
Happy Knitting!