Monday, August 08, 2005

so i decided yesterday to organize yarn stash and prioritize knitting projects to reflect wants- and- needs- to- be- knit this fall/winter.
i have reached S.A.B.L.E.(stash accumulation beyond life expectancy). MUSTNOTBUYYARNMUSTNOTBUYYARNMUSTNOTBUYYARN...

it's time to call a moratorium on yarn purchases and begin to knit a dent in this stash o'mine!

it's not like i don't have the projects lined up:

einstein jacket.
husband sweater.
son sweater.
harry potter scarf, hat, sox, and bookmarker.
baby sweater- DUE IN 2 WEEKS!!
sock book markers for christmas presents.
p-shawl IN LUSCIOUS mohair/wool blend from wellington fibers purchased at stitches east last year.

felted door mitten with mauch chunky wool
harriet bag
market bag
felted flower pins
dish cloths
bartlett yarn sweaters for me -one in midnight blue and another in coral
slipper sox
something for secret santa at work

oh-and let's not forget my TAPESTRY JACKET begun 2 YEARS AGO
at my favorite yarn shop .

love the people, love the wednesday class, love the yarn and patterns!
their line of kraemer yarns are a joy to knit with, especially the TATAMY TWEED COTTEN FOR SOCKS. (mustnotbuyyarn-sigh!)

no affiliation-just extremely happy customer!

by the way-notice how the list is not prioritized.

baby sweater is to be made with yellow EURO YARNS CUDDLY FLUFF DK WT. (ACRYLIC/MOHAIR BLEND)
i will probably improvise something from LEANNE BENNETT'S THE PORTABLE CRAFTER KNITTING.
it's a great little book full of very do-able little and big projects simply written.
i have already made several versions of THE BASIC BABY SWEATER with great results.
just get your stitch pattern books out or go to an online stitch pattern library for inspiration.

meanwhile, i have been making stitch markers, inspired by the beautiful set received from my AMPLE KNITTERS SECRET PAL-what a sweetie too!
my PAL sent me some lovely yarn, a novel, peanut squares, a butterfly magnet, 2 felted tote bag patterns, and a lovely letter.

i'm having alot of fun sending to MY OTHER PAL. ssssssssssshhhhhhh!
don't tell her!!!!!

well, as soon as i can figure out how to put photos on my blog i will have more to say, none of it profound, just knitting based.

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