Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, thank-you to all of you Gentle Knitters out here who requested my free baby bib pattern. I'm of the opinion that sometimes a girl just has to dress up. Sorry, boys, but this is not a baby bib for the guys!

I'm happy to post the pattern instructions for your personal use. I modified the written basic stitch pattern to include a 3 stitch border on each side and to make a wide, single rippled edge, rather than the several shown in the stitch pattern photo in Barbara's book.
I also posted the pattern and photo to Ravelry under the tags "baby" and "bib".
I'd love to see photos of the bib, if anyone knits one!

by Linda Ball

Sized for newborn and older -approximately 13 inches x 9 inches.
Peaches and Cream Cotton yarn:
(MC) Apple Green- one ball
(CC) Lemonade -one ball
Size 7 needles
Large eye tapestry needle to weave in yarn tails.

Knitting Stitch reference book: Treasury of Knitting Patterns
by Barbara G. Walker, Schoolhouse Press. 1998, page 205.

MC - Main Color
CC - Contrast Color
Slip 1- always slip stitch from left needle onto right needle as to knit.

Using MC, C/O 42 stitches and knit in the following modified Feather and Fan pattern:
Row 1. K.
Row 2. P.
Row 3 (Border) K 3,(K2tog) x 3, (YO, K1) x 6, (K2tog) x 6, (YO, K1) x 6, (K2tog) x3, (Border) K3.
Row 4. K.

Repeat in pattern for 6 inches, ending having just worked Row 3. Leaving short tail, cut MC, turn work, attach CC, and Knit Row 4.

With Right Side of work now facing, work with CC yarn in Stockinette Stitch, Slipping the first stitch of every row. Continue in this manner until section worked in CC yarn measures 2 inches, ending having worked a Wrong Side Row.

Setting Up For Straps:
With Right Side facing, Slip 1, K 10, Bind Off 20 stitches, Knit remaining stitches on needle.
Turn work to Wrong Side.
Working on Wrong Side of Bib, Slip 1, P 10.

Place The 11 stitches BEFORE THE BO that are resting on your other needle onto a stitch holder for the present time.

Continue working this strap in Stockinette stitch for 5 inches or longer as you prefer, remembering to Slip the first stitch at the beginning of every row.

Bind Off on Right Side and cut CC. Attach medium size button SECURELY to this strap 1/2 inch from BO edge .

Buttonhole Strap: rolled edges ( Need to water spritz to block flat if you hate the roll!) See below for pattern update if you prefer the garter stitch border strap version!

Placing stitches on stitch holder back on your needle and with Right Side facing, attach CC yarn and work this strap in stockinette stitch for 4 1/2 inches, slipping the first stitch at the beginning of every row. End having worked a Wrong Side Row.
Next Row: Slip 1, K4, BO 1 Stitch, K remaining stitches on needle.

Purl Side row: Slip 1, P4, CO 1 stitch, P remaining stitches on needle.

Continue in Stockinette stitch until strap length is equal to the other one.

Continue to keep the first 3 and last 3 stitches in garter stitch pattern as you work each strap. Follow the pattern for working the remaining middle sections of each strap and the button hole.

You could also choose to just knit the upper section and the straps in plain old Garter stitch if you want to. Just keep in mind that you need to incorporate that buttonhole with whatever stitch pattern you decide to use!

Cut CC yarn and weave in all tails. Lay Bib flat and wet block, shaping to desired size.

It takes very little yarn and lends itself to various combinations of leftover yarns, cotton or acrylic.

I was tickled to see that over time some folks on Ravelry have offered their own colorful interpretations.

Leave a comment and send me a photo link if you make one!

1.Please be kind and not sell this published pattern nor the finished item made from this pattern. Gift it or donate a bib to your charity of choice instead.
2. Yarn shop owners may distribute this pattern free of charge to their customers.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Many Gentle Knitters had been graciously offering encouragement to me as I struggled to complete Mike's Christmas sweater on time. Some have written to inquire about it's progress. I know Knitters are generally compassionate by nature, so it is without too much shame that I present this status report.

Shoulders seamed, and steadily knitting away on the bands. I'm nearly ready to place these stitches on scrap yarn in order to check the accuracy of my band stitches. I've been using the Ann Budd Sweater Pattern book as my guide, so all's well so far. Then onto the sleeves.

Yes, I know, this sweater needs closure.

What I've knitted when not knitting the sweater......

I designed this bib for a new baby in the family. I was inspired to try the feather and fan stitch after seeing the nice way Rainy used color and stitch pattern in her pattern submission to the 2008 Dish Cloth Hang Ups Calendar. Of course, since babies slobber, this is a totally impractical bib, given feather and fan is a lace-like pattern, but I thought it made a nice fashion statement any way! I'll post the pattern if anyone is interested.

By the way, I ordered the hard copy of the calendar and it is worth every penny! Lots of great stuff in there by very talented knitters!

Charity knitting for my Knitting Ministry group continues. I'm getting some of the mitered square bug out of my system by knitting a masculine-type lapghan out of 9 inch squares.

I calculated that 4 across and 4 down (16 total) with a nice garter stitch border should give me a decent size lap throw. You can find the basic pattern here. It's a nice take-along project, since the sweater is much too big these days to travel. Ahem.

I always wanted to knit one of these. A nice lady at my church has a little girl who turns one year old in a few weeks, so this will fit nicely. Find this pattern here. It's with DK instead of worsted, but the size is still ample. You can even knit a newborn version.

More Knitting Ministry work....

This time for a baby. We all like knitting these baby hats, don't we? Get the basic pattern here and make your own easy adjustments.

Didn't want to forget to mention that I was a contest winner again! Read my winning entry about "Why I Knit" at Christy B's blog. Received two lovely plummy skeins of Silky Wool. Thanks, Christy!

I've been fortunate to have made a long distance knitting pal, Maggie, from participating in the 2005 Ample Knitters Secret Pal Exchange. Six months of spoiling from her! Well, after all these years we still are in touch with each other weekly, though we have never met face to face! Maggie, daaaaaaarling, get a blog, already!!!
Anyway, whipped up a little something for her before Christmas. La Petite Sweet Sweater knit with Christmasy Sugar and Cream cotton from the stash. Technically, at the time I was still knitting a sweater. Just not my husband's.

Maggie included me in her Christmas knitting!
Look at these adorable felted teapot coasters she made for me! Way to go, Mags!!!! Love 'em!

I may have mentioned I teach a few knitting classes during the year at our local community college. This is my sample of the neck warmer project some of my workshop students worked on in November.

Made up of several sections of different stitch patterns. That way they could practice different stitches and have something nice to wear. I used a natural wool I found in the sale bin from Shadyside Farm at Stitches this year. It was nice to see this pattern knit by others in different yarns.

Last minute hat for a lady in my Knitting Ministry.

Knit with 2 strands Baby Soft in a pretty coral color.

The thing I am most proud of is this:
My son, Shaun, finished his first hand knit scarf and presented it to his little friend. And promptly retired from his short lived knitting career.

Happy knitting in the new year!