Monday, September 24, 2007


If you visit CeElle you'll clearly see how influential she's been in my experimentation with color play in the beloved Ballband dishcloth. Here I combined several shades of pinks, solids, ombre, twists and white, with a red background, just to see what I'd get. I think the outcome is very pleasing to the eye and reminds me of a strawberry shortcake colorway, don't you think, Gentle Reader?

Alas! With summer officially over I must move on to knitting with Autumnal colors if I am to continue my ballband obsession!

O.K., so technically I am finished!

Behold! The final Aran Afghan square for our Church knitting project! All that is needed is the row of single crochet around the edges. I'm sworn off of Bobbles for now! I did like doing the cable stitches sans cable needles, though. Next, the squares, twenty of them, will be sewn together and then finished with some kind of edge. Will keep you all apprised of its' progress!

Some squares for The Ghana Project....
Thanks to Gert...

Jane and Winnie, for these squares, which will be sent off to be combined with others to make blankets for hospital patients in Ghana. As a nurse, I am appalled that there exists in this world places where human beings are without the basics needs to their comfort and survival. When we have Ipods, Space Stations, and cell phones that provide us with such amazing features to entertain and streamline our lives, while others must rely on the altruistic hand knitting of others, well, you can see how ob surd it is, yes?

Please consider knitting a 7 x7 inch square for the Ghana Project.

I am now stepping down from my soap box.....

To take a moment to thank my most kind Knitting Benefactor, SP 11!

A big package arrived last week and it's contents were wrapped in pretty pink paper with ribbon..

How did she know I had browsed through this book several times a Barnsie???
There's some good knitting stuff in here, folks!

I adore lady bugs! Too pretty to unwrap, but I couldn't resist!

I love the embellishments! Creative juices are already flowing....

Everything was all tied up in pretty little packages......

Buttons from her Grammy's Button Box, circa 1950's. How totally sweet and generous to share these with me!
A lovely towel! Mike wouldn't let it be hung on the fridge. "It'll get dirty and it's too nice"!
I love knitting tools and doodads that make my knitting life easier!
WOW! What a neat package! Thanks Secret Pal 11!

Or, as Shaun's homemade sock puppet for Spanish class says...
"Muchas Gracias, Mi Amiga Secreta"!

Monday, September 10, 2007


This is the month when everything begins to change, which signals, for me, the ending of summer. The sky becomes more intense in it's brightness, and although the temperature is still very warm, the cooler nights helped my roses re-emerge after they've spent months hiding from the heat! I've become less picky about weeds in my garden now, being more content on harvesting the abundant tomatoes and peppers that are weighing done the plants! I need to find a good recipe for the frying peppers-Cubanelles!

Anyone have one they'd like to send me?

Another Zucchini Pie for last week's church covered dish dinner. I liked the way the top came out this time-not so brown as the previous one made. I was vigilant about watching the oven this time!

Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth knit in summery colors and included in the package to my SP11. Hope she likes it. Trying to keep summer as long as I can by knitting with bright colors. Not ready to dig out the fall colors yet, but know soon I will be decorating for the seasonal change....

Here's a nice stack of cloths that I've managed to retain so far. It's nice to have a few on stand by, just in case....
AAAAAAAAAAH! It does go slowly, this last square of the afghan. I thought I'd be finished today, but was side tracked again with preparing for my Beginner's Knitting Class which starts tonight at our local community college. I'm blaming it all one those darn Bobbles! They seem to take so long to complete, and really have slowed my progress with this final square. A cautionary note: JUST SAY NO- TO BOBBLES!

I'll leave you with this photo of a Datura, also known as "Moon Lily", from our backyard.

Have a happy week!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


You signed up on August 6, 2007
You are #23397 on the list.
11997 people are ahead of you in line.
7678 people are behind you in line.

And, so I wait.....

Although I am a very impatient person, I fill my hours with activities that will help the time pass with pleasure while I wait for my invitation to join Ravelry to arrive. Yes, there is a note of sarcasm in my post. I shall be old and too feeble to knit by the time my number comes up. Nonetheless, the time does quickly pass.....

Here is a tiny tutorial of my fingers executing the NO-CABLE- NEEDLE -CABLE, or, as I call it, "FINGER CABLING FOR LAZY KNITTERS OR THOSE TOO CHEAP TO BUY A CABLE NEEDLE, OR WHERE IS THAT DARN CABLE NEEDLE"? This is the Hourglass Bobble and Cable Square. Of course, you would follow the directions of the cable pattern you are knitting. I'm just demonstrating the method I use.

Just slip a stitch off the left needle with your right needle and transfer it to the fingers of your left hand and hold it toward the back of your work with your left fingers,

knit the next stitch on your left needle,

slip the "fingered" stitch back onto your left needle

and knit or purl it to make a RIGHT LEANING CABLE. (RIGHT BACK-get it?)

To make a LEFT LEANING CABLE, slip the stitch off your left needle, transfer it to your left hand fingers and hold it FORWARD with you left hand fingers,

knit or purl the next stitch,

slip the "fingered" stitch back on the left needle and knit it.

That's all there is to it! You can make wider cables by just increasing the number of stitches you are holding in your fingers.

I suggest you try Finger Cabling with a simple cable pattern, such as this.

I think needless- cabling makes rows fly by quicker, but you'll have to judge for yourself.

The final church afghan square progresses ever so slowly on my needles, simply because I am letting myself be side tracked by other knitting projects. I'm at the halfway point, so I am determined to have this completed by next Tuesday night's group. That includes the single crochet border too! We'll lay all the squares out in order and begin the process of sewing up panels and finishing it with an attractive border. Then, I think I'll take a year's sabbatical from Bobble knitting!

Been to Barnsie last week and picked this up. A portion of this book goes to charity, and the patterns are very nice for your charity knitting projects, so I can highly recommend this book.

I knitted a square for the Ghana Project, and my Knitting Ministry friend Jean also was kind enough to jump on board to help. Hers is the pretty minty green "Fleck Stitch" square above mine.

Mike taught Shaun last weekend how to make breakfast. I ate my heart unhealthy breakfast with gusto! Note how I do attempt to compensate for the bacon and home fries.

My wonderful Secret Pal 11 made contact by mail again with a lovely card and knitting themed note cards. I really enjoy this exchange and getting to meet wonderful knitters from all over! Thanks so much, my SP11, for thinking of me! Can't wait to learn your identity!

I had taught my son a little bit of hand sewing last year, so I was really SURPRISED last night when he came and asked for the sewing box so he could mend the hole in the toe of his soccer socks before practice! This is a Hallmark moment, IMHO! He says he likes to sew. "It relaxes me"! Someone pinch me.

Enter the Yarn Room and please make yourself comfortable.

My LYS, Kraemer's, had a fabulous 50 % off "renovation sale" this weekend on yarn, books, needles, patterns and naturally, I just had to add to my knitting inventory. My fellow knitting blogger, Carole has been admonishing me for not promptly posting photos of my sale haul, so my apologies for withholding! And, no daaaaaaaaaaaaaarling, I didn't buy up all the Cherry Tree. I'm an Opal-Meillenweit-Sockotta-Kinda-Girl!


Isn't it lovely......
Isn't it wonderful?
Stevie Wonder was really singing about yarn.......

I don't know why I bought the cable needles, since I finger cable. It was the heat of the moment. Sockotta (hey, Carole, I think we bought the same color!), free patterns and Taos for a sweater.....

Will combine the Crystal Palace yarns for a nice pair of fingerless mitts for my SP 11. Thanks, Eileen, for showing me the sample!

Mohair for a diagonal scarf for me. Ever since my Knitting Amiga, Nan, showed me the gorgeous "Rainbow" colors scarf she knit on the diagonal with her leftover mohair, I've felt driven to knit something similar. Thanks for the inspiration, Nan!

Alpaca for bed socks.

I have a thing for buttons and sheep.

See, Carole! No Cherry Tree!

My other Knitting Amiga, Jeanie, knits gorgeous sweaters for herself throughout the year. I'm always inspired by the way she beautifully combines her autumnal sweater colors and how quickly she completes them. I just had to have this yarn for my own sweater, to be knit upon completion of Mike's Christmas sweater. I swear. On the "Knitting Bible".
But, I did knit a swatch as a motivational tool so I take up the needles again and get cracking on his sweater. What a beautiful sweater this will make!
Hope your week as some lovely pleasures too!